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One of the most exciting methods I have recently come across, is Body Tempering. As a former strength athlete, I wish I would have known about this when I was younger. After the very first time I tried it, I felt the powerful effectiveness for myself, unlike massage, acupuncture, or any other forms of work. This explained why NFL, MLB, Strength athletes, MMA fighters, numerous other professional athletes, and the general population fell in love with it. I wanted to learn everything I could about tempering. I learned how to use the tools and perform highly effective Body Tempering techniques. I was certified by the man who started it all.

What is it, and how does it work?

Donnie "Super D" Thompson is the first man to break the All Time powerlifting total with 3,000 lbs. with awe inspiring lifts (including squatting over 1,230 lbs.!). He developed today's form of Body Tempering, as well as the tools used for this unbelievably effective strengthening method. If you have ever tried using foam rollers, imagine instead, using solid pieces of steel varying in weight from 20 lbs to over 160 lbs. And instead of rolling over foam, you are in relaxed positions, while these tempering tools of shearing loads are used to diffuse connective tissue, relieve tightness involving muscle, veins, nerves, and organs, eliminate toxins from the body, and reduce inflammation and muscle adhesions. If you are trying to imagine 160 pounds rolling over you, you are right. It is a lot of weight. It might be a bit too much for a first timer, which is why we have different sizes, not to mention different degrees of pressure. As a human, we all know how well our bodies are able to adapt to physical stress. When you weight train, you are basically tearing muscles down and allowing them to grow stronger. When you roll your body with these loads, similarly, your body becomes physically stronger.

Stretching, massage, acupuncture, and adjustments are all effective, and each have their own place. I have personally tried them all several times. However, they do not compare to the benefits of Body Tempering. 

For those of you in or around the Guyton, Georgia area that would like to see for yourself the benefits of Body Tempering, contact me to set up an appointment. Feel better fast, and get rid of all those little annoying aches and pains that built up over the years. Your body will thank you for it. I am able to temper all major muscle groups:


- Shoulders

- Pectorals

- Biceps

- Triceps

- Forearms

- Abdominals/Obliques

- Quads

- Adductors

- IT Bands

- Tibialis (shins)


- Traps/Upper Back

- Erectors/Lower Back

- Glutes

- Hamstrings

- Calves

- Bottoms of Feet

Check out this article from Muscle and Fitness on Body Tempering

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