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Relationship Coaching

What is the purpose of being in a relationship? If you ask 10 different people, you may receive 10 different answers. But a general agreement is that we want to find someone to enjoy the ride of life with. We do not want to be alone, even as much as you might hear people at times say, based on their previous experiences in life, that they just want to stay single or be alone. Connection is one of our deepest human needs. In fact, did you know that if an infant does not receive love and connection, it could actually die? We all need someone in our lives in order to meet certain needs. Relationships are part of life, they are all around us. We have relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and of course, with our intimate partners. What a lot of people fail to realize, is that our relationships require a lot of time, energy, and effort if we want them happy and healthy, or to keep them that way. It would not take you more than a couple of seconds if I asked you to think of someone you know personally that is in or was in a bad relationship. It doesn't take much to let them go sour, but on the flip side, it takes a great deal of work to mend them back to health. There are many couples that are together for all the wrong reasons, and many suffer because they feel obligated to stick it out. Life does not have to be that painful. 

My program is set up to help you understand things like what is most important in your relationships, how to effectively communicate with the ones you love, being open and honest enough to give them the opportunity to understand you better, learning the differences between you and your partner, the importance of respect, loving yourself first, being prepared for growth and changes, successfully dealing with conflicts, important factors to keep in mind while looking for your potential partner, issues around intimacy and keeping each other satisfied, etc..... the list goes on. The main goal is to work together to help you create the relationships you deserve, and explore everything around them. Sessions are done online, over the phone, or in person for locals. These are confidential, and anything discussed stays between us. I do not judge. I try to create a comfortable, open space in order to fully understand each client as much as possible. Contact me to learn more.

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