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Transformation 360

I am beyond excited to offer my one year, awe inspiring transformation package! This is not available to anyone and everyone. I am very selective about who I accept into this unique type of work. Those interested must pass a very detailed list of requirements, and be ready to break through and perform at that higher level you have deep down inside of you. This is a very intense, focused, life changing program, and requires total commitment from not only you as the client, but from myself as well. We will work very closely and investigate anything and everything you feel needs attention. We will focus on your goals, physical health, mental health, relationship circles, things you are most passionate about in life, your career/income situation, barriers and limiting beliefs you feel are holding you back, self improvements based on the life you want to live, motivation and how to stay on track, and much, much more. The program is set up with you as the main agenda, with our focus on transformation at its best! As we progress in the program, one can expect to have new and exciting views of life, and experience it in a much more fulfilling way. There will no longer be any settling for things as they are. You will go after the life you deserve, and not let any obstacles hold you back. ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!!!!

Another exciting package I now offer is called Four Seasons, which is catered to those looking for a unique, standout physique. It's designed to build strength, conditioning, improved athleticism, and overall better health. For years people would approach me and ask about how I got so big and strong, built traps like that, how many hours do I train, and lots of other questions like this. It got me thinking about how, if I personally had clients with these goals, I would go about designing a plan for them. I put together a book, called Four Seasons To A Standout Physique, which is basically one way I would go about it. Check it out to get an idea of how it works. You could easily adjust some of the plans it contains for your goals and needs to get really incredible results. For a specific, personalized package, I am also available. I do limit this program to only 6 or so people at a time, so check with me for availability.


If you are at a point in your life where you know there is so much more for you, and want to take action to go after the life you really desire, contact me to find out if this program is a fit for you.  

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